Monday, September 20, 2010

If You Want to You Will!

It's been a year since the backslide of my physical shape began. Seriously??? I thought I'd never be here again. Recently I've become aware of several cycles that do not lend themselves to my living in peace or joy. Yet I managed to fall back into them.

Not choosing to nourish my body with the best food for it, is one bad habit I fell back into. I've been aware of this cycle for some time. A more debilitating habit that I've not been conscious of, is the limiting belief that I need to prove my value to others. This is spiritual junk food I refuse to put on my plate, now that I realize I've been binging on it with a side of "Will I ever be good enough?" This is the cycle that is my achilles heel.

In my quest to make my passion, my life's work, I managed to pick the weight back up that I thought I'd left forever. The consequence of ingesting physical and spiritual junk food. No more! As the song says, "Change is a comin'!"

In a recent publication of Success Magazine, Magic Johnson shared one of his tips for success, "I learned to work with my strengths and manage my weaknesses." It's not that difficult a concept to embrace. Not for me anyway. I acquired a multitude of insights through Jonnae's battle with Leuk. It's gratitude for all of those gifts that keep me from being consumed with sorrow. One of the most valuable of those gifts being I am more than good enough as I am. Trust me, that's not my ego talking. That's simply a light God chose to shine on me in a time of darkness; could very well be the only way I was going to absorb that truth. Crazy as it sounds, confined to the walls of my teenage daughter's hospital room, I'd never felt more free. The people pleasing chains fell and the weight of not being good enough was shed.

I live life much lighter when I'm allowing my strengths to fuel my ride; being myself naturally. Not when I'm pushing a cart of my weaknesses uphill in a heavy vehicle that's not me.

No longer am I resorting to quick food that's not healthy. My healthy habits have been taken off the shelf and reactivated. It's only been one week and I'm feeling the benefits of clean eating. I'm not expecting overnight instant gratification. I've been down this road before and know that long term results come with time.

The charge of a new vision board with words my husband spoke to me about a week ago (hence my enlightenment, "Thank you babe!") "If you WANT to YOU WILL... " keep me motivated; fueling my momentum in the right direction. I was recently complaining about something...yes I'm human and do fall into that tricky lil habit occassionally, lol...It was likely a statement about not fitting into my clothes or not finding a literary agent or publisher. My husband's response..."Do something about it then!" I squealed my reply, "I'm trying!" He shocked me into a powerful truth when he said, "No you're not. I know you. If you want to you will and nothing will stand in your way."

No longer am I willing to make poor choices while living unconscious. No longer will I exhaust myself while subconsciously trying to transform a weakness into a strength. I've reawakened and will go with the strengths God chose to give me. That's when I live my happiest life - the life I'm intended to live - when I stop fighting the weakness, go with the strength, and appreciate who God's created in me.

My visionboard says, "If you WANT to YOU WILL...."
Live the dream,
Whatever your 100% looks like, give it NOW,
Stop at NOTHING,
Trust your instincts,
Play BIG,
Give thanks!
Keep the creativity alive,
Become one of America's Best Selling Authors
Live Happily ever NOW
Create the body you REALLY want
Play longer,
Plan FUN
and include pics that represent dreams (Ellen getting Wacky on Wednesdays :D

What's your dream? Fill in the blank, "If you WANT to YOU WILL..."
and JUST DO IT!!!