Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jonnae would be 20 years old today, possibly fearing a return of leukemia or experiencing long term side effects of the chemo that rid her of it. Instead, she is ageless and perfect experiencing eternal life in Heaven. As is the case with every special day that reflects a significant memory she and I got to create together, I celebrate! No need, or desire, to mourn a life well lived and the impact it continues to have on so many, myself included. As she and God would have it, I'm not only being gifted a special day today to reflect upon her birth and celebrate her earthly life, I'm about to experience an entire week of great surprises and shared gifts. This Tuesday, Sept 4 is the launch of my new daily radio talk show on 1570 WNDA. (Wherever you are, you can tune in live from 10-11a.m. EST with a WiFi connection via phone, iPad, or computer. Here's the link

The way this opportunity unfolded, and everything about it's first week, is providence. I imagine the whole of the talk show experience will be directed in the same way. I'm eager to see what this chapter of the journey reveals, creates, and pays forward; offering me a chance to increase the volume of the voice I've been given and a new way of reconditioning perspective to increase health and happiness!

Not what I had planned in anticipation of a day long celebration today (story for another time) I did get to venture out for a few minutes. In the time I did, here's the 'surprise birthday gift I got to share with a special lady, courtesy of Heaven! ... Rare special occasions lead me to reflect on this sweet memory my daughter Jonnae created for me. It was one of our last ventures out together. She was shopping for clothes, motivated to look like something other than a cancer patient (having worn pajamas for comfort, even out in public, for months.) We were at the mall and she was giddy and happy. While there she wanted a pepperoni soft pretzel and coke. Being in my overly obsessive healthy state during that time, I would not indulge in a 'treat' with her, even though she begged. We were sitting at the table as she enjoyed her food and drink alone when she said, "If I could do this every day, I would!" I didn't know if she meant shop at the mall, eat soft pretzels, or what, so I said, "What's that babe?" She surprised me with the sweetest gift when she replied, "Spend the day with you." My young adult children all have their own lives to live these days. Like most their age, they really don't care about spending much time with me. So I decided today, I'd go by the mall and sit at our table to enjoy a soft pretzel and coke with my girl. I didn't with her that day, but I sometimes do with her now (truly, this feels like a visit with her more than a stop at her gravesite.) The lady serving me at the pretzel counter seemed disconnected, lonely or unhappy. As she was preparing my order, I was a bit I share this special story with her or not? Will she misinterpret and think me sad?...not really care? Will she receive the 'shift' with awareness and gratitude I hope to offer? What if this is the only shot at her having something to smile about today? So at the last moment, before I walked away, I said..."I hesitate to share this, for I'm not sure it will have the result that is my hope. I told her the story, and as happens more times than I can recall or count, this is what she said. "There's a reason you told me. My husband died of leukemia and just after my son turned 15 he was diagnosed with leukemia also. He's a 3 year survivor." I think I even squealed. Can you feel your husband and Jonnae doing a happy dance at this shared moment? She smiled a huge smile and asked if she could come around and give me a hug. I practically skipped to my special table and smiled all the way through my 'treat' courtesy of God and all that's wrapped in sweet love....(that balloon image at top of this blog might as well have been attached, :)
I imagine this is only the beginning of the divine gifts that will result and be shared this week. I'd love to have you tune in, see if my inclination is right, and share in the wealth of abundant hope, encouragement, inspiration and ofcourse FUN! Comment on my blog, on FB, through email. I'm always blessed to hear from you and know you're enjoying this journey with me! This is an experience of sharing! Thanks for being a part of it, for it would not be possible to share, if you weren't on it with me :D