Sunday, July 1, 2012

Power of Words

A sweet young teen I've been blessed to know experienced her "Heavenly Birth" yesterday. Emma reminded me much of my own teenage daughter Jonnae, who experienced her "Heavenly Birth" in June of '08. These two amazing warriors were diagnosed with cancer in their early teen years. 

Many, when speaking of them say, 'They lost their battle with cancer.' I, however, don't see it that way at all. I witnessed both of them up until the end, cross the finish line as champions. They were victors, living life to the fullest, using humor and positive perspective every step of the way. (that's her in the picture, celebrating Wacky Wednesday with me and her visitors, knowing she was going home from the hospital to experience her 'Heavenly Birth' from home) Oh no! They did not lose! They are now experiencing their rewards of eternal life for having been faithful servants and illuminating the way for us. With them, God is well pleased!

Words are a weapon that destroy or a tool that build. There is so much power in a word. I know this on a level many may never come to fully understand, which is why I will never stop trying to shed a light on the 'darkness of death.' If one has just let go of a loved family member, how can it expedite their healing for them to see and hear over and over and over again, "I'm so SORRY for your LOSS" (?) I empathize with the pain. I'm not saying one should not allow themselves to feel it. I'm just saying we are so not aware of the overall truth in that experience and the words that better serve it. I'm a minority in my awareness of a more effective way to love on someone and expedite their healing...not adding more darkness with the words I speak. (although I completely understand the intention is good) There is a light, love and healing we offer when we see from a different angle.  When we know a loved one was faithful, loving and courageous why is 'loss' what comes to mind? or the word we choose to put all the emphasis on? Yes! It's the earthly ending. It's not death! A soul doesn't die unless it's joined forces with the devil. We use the word loss because we are thinking of the ones left behind, right? but we GAINED! and so did they! We gained inspiration in their example of love, light, courage and faith and they have gained eternal life in Heaven. Sorrow and loss aren't the words I choose...gratitude for the gifts are - the gift their earthly life was to all who are blessed by it and the gift of their salvation that they are now experiencing. Make sense? I hope so. For I so LOVE life, which includes "Heavenly Birth" and I'm grateful and celebrating it ALL for the gift from God that it is. The best is yet to come. We have nowhere close to experienced it on this earth. The ones who've departed are experiencing it. And for that my tears are brief and quickly turn into dancing!

May the same hold true for Emma's family and friends. She, Jonnae and Emma's father, Joey are doing some pretty special happy dances in Heaven. I'll hold that in my mind, heart and spirit knowing once our purposes have been served here, we'll be doing the same. (They just did theirs in record time, ahead of OUR schedule. Not ahead of the ONE who's mastered it ;D

*additional thought...the following words are lyrics from a secular song that has no intention of keeping us mindful of the gift of life and the gift of a "heavenly birth" I often translate the world's popular music (unfortunately my teens music of choice) to fit my perspective. When I can translate it as such, I make them about my relationship with God and others who bless me. The instant joy that I experience when I take a song with one intention and make it about something greater never loses its 'power factor' with me. Imagine if these words communicated the gratitude you have for the affect a person's life has had on yours. (I only love the beat and chorus of this song...not the rest of the song and the intention it was originally written.)

The sun goes down
the stars come out
and all that counts
is here and now.
The universe will never be the same.
I'm glad you came. I'm glad you came.

I smile thinking of how grateful I am Jesus, Jonnae and Emma (and whomever you give thanks for) came and changed the universe by their existence. 

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